Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Race #3 - Trinity Center Mellow Mile - Winston Salem, NC

Trinity Center Mellow Mile
8:00 AM
Winston Salem, NC
Time: 6:03
Place 8th out of 14

The Trinity Center Mellow Mile was held in conjunction with the Trinity Center Walk for Wellness Run for your Life 5k. The mile was the first time I had raced a mile and didn't know what to expect as far as finishing time goes. It was a cool morning and we showed up early to pick up my packet which included a tshirt, some Chick-fil-A coupons and other stuff.

The mile race actually started at a different location than the 5k. So those 14 of us who competed made our way to this spot. As we started, we all took off and I let those who looked faster get in front of me. I fell in and made the first few turns when out of nowhere this guy comes blasting through the parking lot of a local business and cuts in front of me. I am wondering, where did this guy come from? Apparently, he signed up for the mile but wasn't aware of the different start location and by the time he made it there, we had already left. So if he beat me (which I think he did looking at the results), I consider myself in 7th place because HE CHEATED!

Either way, running this fast early in the cool morning really takes its toll on your lungs. I remember making the last turn wanting to slow down but I tried to keep my pace up. I crossed the finish line and my Garmin said 6:01 but their official finishing time has me at 6:03. I didn't even know I was that close to breaking 6 minutes. I had I known, I would have emptied my tank a little more to break that mark.

Overall, not too bad for my first mile race. I had to save something for the 5k though.

Results are HERE

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