Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Race #2 - Shoals 5k - Shoals, NC

Shoals Baptist 5k
8:30 AM
Shoals, NC
Time: 24:07
Place 3rd out of about 30 or 40

The Shoals 5k was a benefit race for a group from the church going on a mission trip to Honduras later in the summer. Summer, myself, and her Mom paid to enter and her Dad ran along with her mom most of the way. It was a humid June morning and the race couldn't start soon enough!

I thought I may have a chance at winning this one so I decided to get out early. I took the lead out of the gate and headed up the road. The course had us go up a hill and around one building only to come back down and hit the road again. It was then slightly uphill to the second and only road on the out and back course. Going up this hill, I slowed my pace and was passed by a fellow probably 12 years older than me, and two 17 year olds. I let them go as I knew it'd be downhill on the way back.

The course also had us going around Summer's church twice, and then heading back to the start. I grabbed some water on the first go round and then took my second loop. I know of one kid who definitely didn't make two loops around the church.

After my second loop, I noticed one of the younger guys who started to walk. I immediately smelled fresh meat and made the pass not to see him again. The leaders however, were not in sight so I figured I would be best to finish 3rd and I should just hold off any chargers from behind me. And so I did, finishing 3rd overall.

The winner had a Garmin watch and informed me that the course was actually 3.22 miles so I was well pleased with my time. Especially since it was 24:07 and I knew that the course was longer than it should have been. I consider it a sub 24 minute race if you only count the 3.1 miles.

I was awarded a medal for finishing third. Summer was awarded a medal for finishing 2nd in her age group and her mom was awarded a medal for finishing 3rd in her age group. Overall, a successful race that we enjoyed!

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