Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Race #4 - Trinity Center 5k - Winston Salem, NC

Trinity Center Walk for Wellness Run for Your Life 5k
8:45 AM
Winston Salem, NC
Time: 22:05
Place 10th out of 89; 3rd in my Age Group

The Trinity Center 5k was held in conjunction with the Trinity Center Mellow Mile. My company, ISP Sports, was a sponsor of this event and so two people were allowed to run without paying the entry fee. I gladly accepted.

The 5k was held after the mile race and the kids fun run. It had been since June since I ran a 5k or any race for that matter, so all I wanted to do was beat my previous time of 24:07. As we headed out, the 'elite' runners did what they do and jumped out in front. I fell in line and just concentrated on my breathing and holding a steady pace.

Making our way through downtown Winston Salem, we got to 5th and Trade St. where my office is located. I remember making the turn on this street and my pace was 7:02. I went into the wind at that point and when I turned off that street, my pace was 7:28. Knocked back by 26 seconds in a matter of maybe 70 yards. I made it up though.

We came to a block next that was basically going to be a loop that we had to complete twice. This was a place where those cheaters could skim some time off their run. I on the other hand, did it the right way and did both laps.

I remember coming down one street and there was a crowd of people on the sidewalk watching as a couple of guys tried to unlock a car door with a coat hanger. Likely something that happened the night before while drinking at the bars. I made my way up the street and turned left to start my second loop. There was a guy who was running in front of me and had been for a little while that A) sounded like a Clydesdale the way his feet were hitting the ground and B) kept launching mucus filled loogies into the street. It was rather disgusting. So I passed him. Then he passed me. Then I passed him again, and never saw him until the finish.

As I made one of the last turns on the loop section, there was a woman probably 40-50 yards ahead of me. I just kept her in my sights, with no intention of trying to catch her, just running my race. Well I kept getting closer to her. And as we took the second to last turn before the finish, she was 25 feet ahead of me and we were on a downhill part. So I kicked it in gear. I passed her before the last turn. The finish line was in site. I didn't know what my time was but I remember that I was trying to push with everything I had and I just couldn't go any faster.

I crossed the finish line in 22:05. I wish I could have given a little more and broke 22 minutes but I'll take it. I finished 1:16 behind Cameron Kent, our local news anchor. I didn't know he was such a runner! Lanie Pope (local weather lady) also ran this race (she finished in 20th in 24:06). They both presented the awards at the end of the race.

Results are HERE

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