Monday, September 17, 2012

Race # 25 - Kernersville Rotary Club July 4th 5k

Kernersville Rotary Club July 4th 5k
8:00 AM
Kernersville, NC
Time: 20:39
Place: 55/567 overall, 9th place age group

I guess I need to write a little something about my 25th race.  My sister invited me to run for free in the Kernersville July 4th 5k race.  I rarely turn down a free entry fee so I decided to give it a go and run a rare summer time race for my schedule.

I had no plans for this one.  I didn't care how I finished.  Of course I would see how fast I could do it, but I wasn't banking on any sort of PR given that it was really warm at the start.  There were 567 finishers so a pretty big turnout and one that I didn't want to be stuck in the back of.  So I lined up near the front and took off at the sound of the horn.

A few turns and we were out on Main St.  This course is an out and back that is slightly uphill, then a little down, and then turn around and back.  As usual, I started out a little too fast so about a half mile in, I finally found a decent pace.  Mile one clocked at 6:21.  Still a little fast, especially with the temps.  I kept it on cruise control though and tried to block out the uncomfortable feeling and the thoughts saying to slow down. I actually used a water stop in this race which is a rarity for me in a 5k.  But a little cold water to wet my mouth and dump on my head was welcomed.

Mile two I clocked in at 6:42.  So as expected, I slowed it down a little.  Doing quick math in my head, I had then ruled out trying to PR.  I was ok with that given that my PR was in a December race on a similar course in this city.  Temps were about 25 degrees cooler though.  As I made the turn at the halfway mark, I wanted to keep it steady for the finish.  I knew I didn't want to be passed, as usual.  So I kept motoring.

My Garmin had given me a low battery signal at the beginning of the race so I was just hoping it would hang tight until the finish.  We finally made our way back off Main St. and into the final two turns.  The last part was slightly downhill.  Mile three clocked at 6:48 so still slowing a bit but whatever.  I'm ok with it.  I did have one final kick at the end and I tried to catch a guy in front of me.  But when I kicked, he countered and we blazed through the finish line, him beating me by a step or two.  Nothing like battling it out for 54th position!

My Garmin actually died right as we were making the final turn and it was 3.11 miles in 20:32.  So that meant that the course may have been a little long but who knows.  Official time is 20:39.  I'll take it.

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