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2012 UROC 100k preview - I'm entering uncharted waters

2012 UROC 100k - My pre-race thoughts

--100 kilometers.  62.2 miles.  Ten 10 k's.  Two marathons and roughly a 10 miler.  Whatever you want to call it, this is the craziest thing I have ever attempted.--

In September of 2011, I did something I never dreamed possible.  Heck, I didn't even know things like this existed three years ago.  I completed my first ultramarathon.  I know, I know.  Most *real* ultrarunners don't even consider a 50k an ultramarathon, but in the technical sense, it is, and I did it.  I ran the sister race of the UROC 100k -- the Uber Rock 50k.  It was an amazing accomplishment, and all of my training paid off as I ran one of the best races I've ever ran.

Leading up to the race, however, I kept telling Summer that "it's only a 50k.  It's not even a real ultra.  Those other people are running the real ultra" (talking about the 100k race).  So think what you want.  Maybe it's a real ultra, maybe not.  Either way, I did it, I finished it, and I had a great time doing it.  The weeks afterward, I was still enjoying the fact that I had done what I set out to do.  So much that the 2012 race registration opened in October and I began thinking.  Dreaming.  Saying, what if......what if I did the 100k?  Could I do it?  Could I put in the training and do something like that?  100 kilometers?!?  Roughly 62+ miles.  It's only 100k.  It's not like it's 100 MILES.  Wait, wait, wait.  Scratch that train of thought.  THIS IS a big deal.

Summer was pregnant with our first baby at last year's race.  Would she be able to put up with me going on long training runs again throughout the summer?  Would I be able to do the long training runs on minimal sleep given that we would have a newborn?  We talked about it, and surprisingly, she encouraged me to sign up for it.  The 50k was such a great race, with great crew access, that Summer was able to follow me all day long.  She enjoyed it as much as I did.  And that's just one more reason I love her so much.  So, roughly $175 later, I'm signed up for my first "real" ultramarathon.

--Training/Year in Review--

I ended 2011 feeling strong about my training.  I was putting in consistent weeks and January came along.  I did my first Frosty 50k and finished in 5h10m and was pleased with the result (57 min. 50k PR!)  Next up was the Pilot Mountain Payback Trail Marathon in my backyard.  Again, great finish in 4h1m with a 42 minute PR from the same race last year.  Trying to keep myself in marathon shape, and unable to resist the $10 entry fee, I did the Virginia Creeper Trail Marathon in March to make for my third race in as many months.  Afterwards, I stayed in training mode and signed up for the Bethel Moonlight Boogie 50 miler in June, thinking that would be a good training run in preparation for UROC 100k.  I faultered.  I ignored my body.  I developed 'discomfort in my knee'.  Eventually I had an MRI to learn that I had a slightly frayed meniscus.  After careful deliberation, I threw in the towel and backed out of the 50 miler.  I could have ran it, and possibly finished.  But if I had made my knee worse, that would have impacted my chances of doing my goal race, the UROC 100k.  So I bailed.

I took a few weeks off and things started to improve.  I started June and slowly began running again.  Taking mandatory rest days, I was increasing mileage again and feeling good.  My monthly mileage began to show improvement:

May (injured but in denial):  77 miles
June: 150 miles
July:  182 miles
August:  254 miles

By the end of the summer, I was feeling great.  Putting in consistent long runs, doubles sometimes three times a week.  Everything was falling into place.

Labor Day weekend I had planned to do my longest solo training run ever.  I didn't have a mileage goal, but I wanted to be on my feet all day.  I did just that.  I covered 35 miles in 9h18m, with 7,200+ ft. of elevation gain.  More important, I broke through the 30 mile barrier which had plagued me in previous long runs.  This was a big confidence booster.

My last long run was an experiment.  20 miles in 3h43m and no calories.  I had read about training your body to burn fat economically and how beneficial it was in long runs/racing.  So I tried it.  It too, was an amazing run.  I really enjoyed it and felt great.  This left me ready and excited about UROC.


I did my normal two week taper.  First week was great.  No 'taper madness' had set in.  Week two was a different story.  I was ready to just go run, but I had to finish the week out.

Last night, (Wednesday....3 days before race day), my fears became a reality.  I had been saying to myself all week that I should probably wear shoes and not flip flops like normal when I'm around the house.  Didn't want anything to happen to my feet.  I did not heed my own device and ended up stubbing my right big toe outside so hard that it felt broken.  The toenail ripped and was hanging off.  It bruised immediately and turned black/purple.  I had spotted the race a toenail head start.  After some maintenance this morning, it's still bruised.  I'm not sure how well I'll be able to run but as another running friend said, by mile 35, something else will be hurting and I won't be thinking about my toe.

--100 kilometers.  62.2 miles.  Ten 10 k's.  Two marathons and roughly a 10 miler.  Whatever you want to call it, this is the craziest thing I have ever attempted.--

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