Thursday, November 24, 2011

I saved a life today - A Thanksgiving Miracle

Today, Thanksgiving, 2011, I saved a life.

I went out for a run. Wanted to get in about 10 miles. I ran the roads I always do, nearby my house. Ran up through the local high school and saw the football team going through what I assume is a walk thru gearing up for tomorrow night's semifinal game for a chance to get to the state championship.

I was running down my last road before I made the turn for home and I noticed an old tobacco barn with it's tin metal siding bent in and the rear end of a white Chevy Impala. I said to myself 'well that's not normal'. Looked on the other side and the front end was smashed and had cracked through the other side. I thought someone probably was drunk driving and wrecked and fled the scene, or this literally just happened and I'm the first person on the scene.

I ran around to the back and said "Hello?". A woman responded. "Are you ok?" I said. She said she was paralyzed. However, she could move her hands and head. I asked if she had a phone and she said no. I didn't carry mine either. I heard a car coming. It was one of the high school football players. I flagged him down and luckily he had a cell. I called 911, gave them the situation and they sent emergency response. Luckily, the EMS station is right up the road, and across from my neighborhood. They were there in a few minutes.

She is a 58 year old female and she said she had been there since Tuesday (it's Thanksgiving day so that's 2 days!!) I later got to thinking about the last two days/nights. Tuesday night it was raining like crazy and wind blowing very hard. I guess luckily she was inside this barn. Wednesday night, it got down to 36* so it was very cold. Again, she was inside the barn which I would assume is better than outside, exposed to the cold. I'm so thankful I found her when I did.

Once local police showed up, I overheard them say she had been reported missing on Tuesday. I gave them my info and my wife pulled up about that time to pick me up (even though I'm less than a mile from the house). We left the scene and all I could say was I was thankful that I went out on that run this morning, and I bet that woman is thankful for me. Everything happens for a reason.

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  1. Good paying attention! I also wonder how many people drove past/walked past/ran past and saw the same scene and didn't think twice about it. I'm glad you were able to help her out!