Saturday, February 19, 2011

Race # 8 - Running of the Lights, Winston Salem, NC

Running of the Lights
12:00 AM
Winston Salem, NC
Time: 34:46

The Running of the Lights is a yearly event held at midnight on New Year's Eve. As sort of a last minute decision, Summer and I decided to run it. The course is a 3.25 mile course that runs through the lights of Tanglewood Park in Winston Salem.

It was a little cold so this gave me a chance to try out my new Christmas presents. New Saucony gloves and a Brooks running jacket. I decided to just run casually with Summer during this event as I had already done a 23.6 mile long run on the trails that day as training for my marathon in February.

The fireworks commenced at midnight as we ran through the course. There were a lot of people running and walking, some with kids and strollers with baby's (didn't understand why they were out that late in that kind of weather with a child that young!) But Summer and I had fun. The lights were a little disappointment in my opinion which sort of makes this an event I'm not sure we'll do every year. But it was fun to do once.

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